101 People to Kill Before I Die by Anthony O’Connor

101 People to Kill Before I Die by Anthony O’Connor
English | 2017 | Thriller & Suspense | EPUB | 342 KB

Set in Melbourne, Australia – a dark, fast, action-packed thriller, dripping with bitterness and sarcasm. With a few comical moments and an array of colorful characters all as determined as they are deadly.
Brian Samuals is a former soldier, a former police officer and an ex-convict, recently bankrupt, divorced and now diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has an epiphany. He has nothing to lose and a lot of people have offended against him. Therefore, before he goes they go. All of them. As he embarks on his killing spree he hooks up with a beautiful stripper, Natasha Brown, but is unsure how that’s going to work.
Be careful who you kill. Before long he has the Russian Mob, a Chinese Triad, the CIA, Interpol, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian SAS anti-terrorist squads and every cop in the state of Victoria hunting him down, screaming for his head. And that’s before he kills the alien. Things aren’t looking good for Brian and Natasha.

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