A Walk Among the Dead by Fred Fanning

A Walk Among the Dead by Fred Fanning
English | 2017 | Mystery | EPUB | 272 KB

After her father, a US military policeman, dies in a terrible automobile accident, young Maggie Hoffmann and her mother return to Berlin. There, Maggie attempts to connect with her father’s memory by following in his footsteps and joining the Berlin police force.
Smart and capable, Maggie works her way up to the position of deputy inspector for narcotics—only to be gravely injured in the line of duty. Battling terrible pain, as well and emotional and psychological demons, Maggie claws her way back and lands a spot on the homicide team.
Unfortunately, Maggie’s first murder involves assets seized from Jews during World War II and puts her on the trail of a group of dangerous and deadly criminals who will go to any length—including murdering police inspectors—to protect their interests.
A gripping mystery set in Germany right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, A Walk Among the Dead is an intelligent and gripping fiction debut that will enthrall fans of both mysteries and recent history alike.

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