An Awkward Way to Die by Will Thomas

An Awkward Way to Die by Will Thomas (Barker & Llewelyn #8.5)
English | 2017 | Mystery | EPUB | 501 KB

Includes 8 FREE CHAPTERS of OLD SCORES, the next installment in the adventures of Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn, private enquiry agents in Victorian London!

Cyrus Barker is, without question, the most prominent and accomplished private enquiry agent in 19th century London. He’s taken on major cases at the request of Scotland Yard and for Her Majesty’s Government. He’s matched wits with master criminals and triumphed and cracked the seemingly unsolvable crimes. But now he faces what might be the most dastardly crime of his career – his personal tobacconist has been murdered, his body found in his own humidor!

Now Cyrus Barker, with the help of his assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, must crisscross London in order to track the killer. As they follow the clues, Barker discovers that the victim, Vasilios Dimitriadis, was not a man worthy of Barker’s trust. Can the Guv find whoever killed the skilled tobacco blender? While he is at it, can he find the secret formula Dimitriadis used to make his beloved tobacco blend?

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