Blood Hill Road by F Michael Rodriguez

Blood Hill Road by F Michael Rodriguez
English | 2017 | Psychological Thriller | EPUB | 112 KB

….Nightfalls were dreadful, as if Anthony knew Maggy would haunt his sleep in the middle of the night, while everyone else slept. Sometimes whispering love talk, other times she’d be agonizing, then mourning, crying out for Justice. It was all becoming fearful. It would be better to not sleep at all.
In this psychological thriller, a man with hopes of starting a bright, independent future with his family returns home from a long distance job interview to find that his wife has been murdered and found dead in one of the dark corners of Blood Hill Road. After convinced by his mother that he should take the job and reside at the Majesty Hotel for a while to help mourn and heal, he goes, but only to find a very unexpected turn for the worse.

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