Conflict Diamonds by Verner Jones

Conflict Diamonds by Verner Jones
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 642 KB

Pursued across Europe with a pouch full of illicit diamonds, their only hope for a new future and escape from war-torn Sarajevo. Marta, Stipe and Toni, are fleeing the atrocities perpetrated against them by a population whipped up by nationalistic pride. One man stands in their way, Sergeant Zoran Jovanovich. Left for dead by Toni in a deserted house, Zoran recovers and is looking for revenge and the return of “his diamonds”.

Coerced by a corrupt diamond dealer, Marta, Stipe and Toni embark on two jewel thefts to bolster their insufficient funds for a new life. But Zoran is closing in. His twisted mind focusing on nothing except retribution. Can Marta, Stipe and Toni and their ally, Celine Dupont escape the inevitable confrontation? One night in Paris will reveal all.

The outcome of this escapade leads Stipe & Marta into a new unperceived life as criminal investigators. Their first case presents itself in book two when necessity forces them to rekindle their relationship with Celine Dupont and her lover, Sebastian.

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