Die Now, Live Later by Basil Copper

Die Now, Live Later by Basil Copper (A Mike Faraday Mystery Book 5)
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB | 250 KB

Mike Faraday, private investigator is back on the job – this time he is about to encounter more than he expects in the macabre freezer cemeteries of California.
When Merna Freeman gets referred to Mike Faraday with suspicions of a racket surrounding her uncle’s death, Faraday snatches at the chance to take on the job.
The details: Merna’s uncle recently passed away, but the will specifies that most of his money goes toward Eternity Inc, a cryogenics lab that promises to store those who have passed away until science can revive them and fix whatever killed them.
However, Merna had been told that the money was going to her… until her uncle was taken in by the men running Eternity Inc.
Mike is already suspicious. He starts sniffing around the operation and finds way more than expected.
Not only is the freezer side of things smelling rotten, but the business is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, which has Faraday’s PI senses tingling.
As he pries further into the dealings of Dr. Krug, Eternity Inc’s doctor and owner, and Rex Beale, Merna’s cousin, Faraday finds more and more threads of a conspiracy.
Now, Faraday must work with anyone that can help him get to the bottom of his deepening plot, featuring murder, deception, and even a few Nazis…

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