Even Pretty Things Rot by Farah Ali

Even Pretty Things Rot by Farah Ali
English | 2017 | Thriller, Mystery | EPUB | 409 KB

Left for dead five-year-old Lila woke from a coma with her life in tatters and a powerful psychic ability. Decades later she returned to Deerleap Hollow determined to clear her father’s name—if only she could shake off the amnesia and use her second sight to uncover the truth about that tragic night…
Lila’s not the only one haunted by the past. Deerleap Hollow’s new Inspector is looking forward to some peace and quiet—easy enough in a quaint town isolated by a mountain and swathes of impenetrable forest.
But when a teenage girl is found murdered in the most bizarre way imaginable Jack realises life in the Hollow won’t be smooth sailing, especially when Deerleap’s resident psychic claims she saw the gruesome crime in a vision and is certain the killer will strike again…
Welcome to Deerleap Hollow a historic town steeped in superstition and secrecy where cursed spirits torment the citizens and respecting the eerily human-like deer in the forest is law…

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