Ghost Rendition by Larry Weitzman

Ghost Rendition by Larry Weitzman
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 925 KB

Gib Alexander is a divorced suburban dad who also happens to be a deadly efficient, off the books, CIA contractor. Balancing the demands of his perilous profession and his resentful ex-wife and troubled son is a dangerous juggling act. His safety and the safety of his family depend on his fanatical precautions to keep his two lives separate.

When a young computer coder threatens a top secret NSA project that could tilt the balance in the escalating international cyberwars, Gib is hired to conduct a ghost rendition, spiriting the coder away to a black site in Egypt for extreme interrogation that is outlawed in the United States. But what appears at first to be a straight forward contract turns into a morally ambiguous conflict that sets off a CIA power struggle. Caught in the middle, Gib finds his two lives set on a collision course that will ultimately threaten them both.

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