Gingerbread by Kate Morris

Gingerbread by Kate Morris
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB | 556 KB

From Amazon’s #1 bestselling author of The McClane Apocalypse comes an exciting new thriller, Gingerbread.
Detective Lorena Evans, savvy, eccentric detective, has a specialty: catching serial killers. Her hometown has provided a plethora of them over the years; however, she’s met her match with the newest serial to terrorize the streets of Cleveland. Gingerbread is like no other, and only Evans with her team of forensic geeks and partner, Bob, are closer than anyone’s ever come to catching him. Raising her orphaned niece and balancing work will prove almost too much for her to handle, but exploring the seedier, darker tastes of what the city has to offer while tracking her killer will almost be her undoing.
New detective on the block, Jack Foster, is paired up with Evans and her partner, but he learns very quickly that Evans has some strange, quirky habits, even if she does have the highest case closing in her precinct. Coming from homicide and then narcotics, Jack’s no stranger to the depths of depravity of which humans are capable, but Gingerbread is like nothing he’s ever encountered.
Will they apprehend Ginger before he strikes again? Or will he turn the tables on the detectives hunting him down and add them to his number of victims? Follow this thriller to the last page as it twists and turns and leaves the reader wanting more.

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