Hung in the Balance by Roger Ormerod (ePUB)

Hung in the Balance by Roger Ormerod (Lowe & Simpson #1)
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | 295 KB

Philipa Lowe, returning to England for her husband’s funeral after a four-year separation, anticipates a short, uncomplicated visit.
Graham’s estate should be insignificant, the legal hassle minimal — a quick signature, then back to her life in New York. But her optimism proves to be short-lived. The first shock is to discover that the coroner’s inquest determined that Graham committed suicide…by driving himself off the edge of a slippery slope and into a quarry.
This she finds unacceptable; never mind that she’s sure Graham was constitutionally unlikely to kill himself — he can’t possibly have done so by getting in a car. It’s impossible. In fact, the whole situation seems so highly improbable that she soon manages to persuade herself that he might even still be alive. Doubt is cast on this hope by Detective Inspector Oliver Simpson, who seems determined to convince Philipa that Graham’s suicide is nothing more or less than it seems. Yet as the unlikely pair work together, she begins to discover extraordinary details of Graham’s background that she never dreamed existed…and slowly finds herself beginning to recapture her former love for him. But in the midst of her somewhat unorthodox investigation, Philipa accidentally stumbles upon another body — one that dramatically complicates the conclusions that had been drawn about Graham’s death.
Faced by a murder that cannot be murder and a suicide that cannot be suicide, she starts to question everything about both cases. As the extent of Graham’s estate becomes known and more details come to light, the danger to Philipa grows…

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