I Am Here to Kill You by Chris Westlake

I Am Here to Kill You by Chris Westlake
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 367 KB

Charming. Charismatic. Beautiful.
The members of a local support group are captivated by the new arrival, Sheena Strachan. Each member has a reason for attending. Some hide dark, sinister secrets. But why is Sheena there…?

The group’s leader, Rose, unexpectedly stops attending meetings. With Sheena at the helm, the group goes from strength to strength, both in numbers and commitment. But why are the residents of the sleepy town start turning against each other? And is the body found floating in the river really the result of an accident? One mystery, however, stands out more than all the others.
Who is here to kill who…?

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