Miraculous Mysteries by Martin Edwards

Miraculous Mysteries by Martin Edwards (Editor)
English | 2017 | Mystery | EPUB | 263 KB

Impossible crime stories have been relished by puzzle-lovers ever since the invention of detective fiction. Fiendishly intricate cases were particularly well suited to the cerebral type of detective story that became so popular during the ‘golden age of murder’ between the two world wars. But the tradition goes back to the days of Edgar Allan Poe and Wilkie Collins, and impossible crime stories have been written by such luminaries as Arthur Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham.This anthology celebrates their work, alongside long-hidden gems by less familiar writers. Together these stories demonstrate the range and high accomplishment of the classic British impossible crime story over more than half a century.

The Lost Special
The Thing Invisible
The Case of the Tragedies in the Greek Room
The Aluminium Dagger
The Miracle of Moon Crescent
The Invisible Weapon
The Diary of Death
The Broadcast Murder
The Music-Room
Death at 8.30
Too Clever By Half
Locked In
The Haunted Policeman
The Sands of Thyme
Beware of the Trains
The Villa Marie Celeste

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