More Dead Than Alive by Roger Ormerod

More Dead Than Alive by Roger Ormerod (David Mallin #15)
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB | 171 KB

A man worth more dead than alive….
For Elsa Mallin, it should have been trip to see her old school friend, Mrs. Clarice Klein, at Kilvennan Castle.
But one fateful night, Clarice’s husband Konrad Klein has a deadly accident.
Once a world-famous illusionist known as Konrad Klimax, he has since been dropped from the limelight.
Up until the accident, he was working on a new illusion – one he hoped would make him famous once more – and it seems that it is this latest trick that accidentally killed him.
Whatever it is, it caused Konrad to fall out a window with a sheer drop into the sea below.
But was it really an accident?

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