Nobody Gets Hurt by RJ Bailey

Nobody Gets Hurt by RJ Bailey (Sam Wylde #2)
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB | 5.4 MB

‘Tell Mum I miss her.’

Bodyguard Sam Wylde has had her British licence revoked. She is now operating in Europe, running security on a swanky motor yacht during the Historic Grand Prix race. And at the same time she trawls for news of her ex-husband and daughter.

In fact, the owner of the boat is bankrupt and the bank wants the multi-million dollar vessel back. Sam is in the middle of a very dangerous situation that is rapidly escalating out of control.

Nobody Gets Hurt continues the action-packed pace of Safe From Harm as Sam Wylde has to fight enemies on all sides, as well as try to find her daughter. It’s about the loss of loved ones and the urge for revenge, something that both Sam and her partnerKonrad have in common. Although, despite that bond, they will find themselves on opposite sides when it comes to the final showdown.

Nobody Gets Hurt. If only that were true.

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