Nothing Ventured by Roderick Price

Nothing Ventured by Roderick Price
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 396 KB

What does a man do when his wife tells him that “getting by isn’t good enough any longer?” In Houston, Martin Cantrell is an oil company geologist stalled in his career. His wife asks for a divorce. On a trip to Wisconsin, Martin runs into an old college girlfriend, Taylor Thompson, who is the powerful and attractive director of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Taylor is being blackmailed by corrupt politicians and oil executives. Taylor and Martin team up and embark on a clever plan to outsmart the politicians and oil men and make millions. Corrupt politicians play dirty. Greedy oil men are dangerous. Martin and Taylor take on all of them on. What is a man capable of doing when he’s told that “getting by isn’t good enough any longer?” Almost anything.

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