Red Moon Rising by J.T. Brannan

Red Moon Rising by J.T. Brannan
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thiller | EPUB | 421 KB

A brutal murder that might have never happened…
A serial killer is on the loose… and the only person who can solve the murders might be imagining the entire thing . . .
Jessica Hudson is new to the close-knit community of Palmer, Alaska. Once a hard-charging Assistant DA in New York, an assassin’s bullet ended her career and left her life in ruins. Palmer is a refuge for her, where she hopes to recover and rebuild her life.
But when a teenaged girl – naked, battered, tortured – stumbles through her ranch and dies in her arms, Jessica’s hopes of peace are shattered forever. Before long, her home is a chaotic crime scene and by the time she falls asleep, she is exhausted.
She wakes the next day, expecting the ranch to be a hive of police and media activity; instead, she finds nothing – no body, no crime scene, no police and no reporters.
Unable to understand what has happened, she drives to the police station and demands answers. And that is when the nightmare really begins…
As time and reality spin frighteningly out of control, Jessica knows just one thing – her only chance of clinging onto her sanity is to catch the killer, and solve a murder which might never have happened.
Red Moon Rising is a psychological thriller like no other – enthralling, unsettling, terrifying, it will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

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