Season of Waiting by Jim Christopher

Season of Waiting by Jim Christopher
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 625 KB

Caleb Allard is dying. Rather than drag his children through a battle he knows he will lose, Caleb arranges his medically-assisted suicide. The banality of his legacy haunts him: a pointless career and two angry children estranged from one another.

Then a voice arrives. Immense. Debilitating. It fills Caleb’s skull, promising the one thing Caleb wants more than anything else—a purpose for his miserable life. It tells him of a young boy with miraculous abilities living in the Texas hill country.
Find the boy, find your purpose.

The boy is only hundreds of miles away, but it may as well be millions for the dying man. In pain, racing against death, Caleb must navigate the tumultuous relationship between his drug-addicted son and his protective daughter. Accept his purpose in the design of the universe. To reach the boy before it’s too late.
Hard choices must be made. And Caleb will learn that his choices have consequences. Not just for Caleb. For his children. And for everyone and everything in the universe.
Because sometimes, the cost of a man’s purpose is more than he can pay on his own.

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