Slow Train to Sonora by Loyd M. Uglow

Slow Train to Sonora by Loyd M. Uglow (The Border Army #1)
English | 2017 | Historical Mystery | EPUB | 896 KB

In 1911, veteran army officer C. W. Langhorne accepts a clandestine assignment that will carry him into revolutionary Mexico for the War Department along with the handsome young ladies’ man, Lieutenant Calvin Jester. While Langhorne runs afoul of the Acordada, the Mexican secret police organization, Jester finds danger of his own enjoying the attentions of both Fabiana Medina, a rich young beauty, and the poor but sincere Luna Garcia while he recovers from a serious injury. Destruction closes in on both men, whether from shadowy killers or jilted lovers, in a breakneck race for the border and safety. Slow Train to Sonora combines action, romance, and suspense and is sure to keep readers of both traditional Westerns and historical thrillers on board to the last stop.

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