Stolen Lives by Matthew Pritchard (ePUB)

Stolen Lives by Matthew Pritchard (Danny Sanchez #2)
English | 2016 | Thriller | 409 KB

Almería, Spain. A missing girl is found in a landfill, dead…
The right-wing press has an obvious spin: a drug user with prior convictions and a history of running off pays for the hazards of her lifestyle.
Journalist Danny Sanchez doesn’t buy it. Teresa del Hoyo had been clean for over a year. More importantly, she’d been looking into murky events dating back to the Spanish Civil War, and of her two partners in crime, one is missing and the other is dead.
A simple article about the murder of a young woman for the tabloids leads Danny to the morbid, heart-breaking stories of the niños robados por el franquismo, children reported dead to their Republican parents to be given to “approved” families during Franco’s reign. Danny knows he’s struck something big as he tries to connect Teresa’s political activism and the Church’s interest in the case with her research into the history of Almería.
With every step bringing him closer to the truth, it becomes clearer that these 50-year-old secrets still hang over the town… and that someone would kill to keep them.

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