The Busker by M.J. Patrick

The Busker by M.J. Patrick
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 355 KB

Standing there, on the edge of the cliff, she thought she was safe. She thought she was hidden from him. She thought she was alone.
She was wrong.
Two female backpackers. One mysterious busker. A gripping thriller about friendship, abuse, and the past finally catching up.
Sally, a young backpacker on her dream holiday keeps running into a mysterious busker. She doesn’t know who he is. Or what he wants.

Are their meetings just coincidence, or is he following her?
Her best friend and travelling companion, Ashley, is more concerned about her Instagram followers than about the strange busker. It takes a sexual assault for everything to start to unravel. Friendships end. Violence ensures.
And when the mysterious busker offers her an escape, Sally has to decide one thing. Will she run away from her past, or face it?

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