The Dead Girl’s Shoes by Angela Arney

The Dead Girl’s Shoes by Angela Arney
English | 2017 | Mystery | EPUB | 369 KB

The scent of a murderer…
After her marriage ends, Dr Lizzie Browne leaves her medical practice in Whitechapel, London, for a country practice in Stibbington, looking for a fresh start. But if she thinks she’s in for peace, she is sadly mistaken, as the countryside itself may be tranquil, but people are the same wherever you go.
Lizzie’s daughter Louise works in PR. When she asks Lizzie to attend a perfume launch at Country House Hotel, the grand estate in Stibbington, Lizzie’s main concern is how uncomfortable her high heels will be. She does not want to go, but it is important to Louise.
The perfume has been created by Simon Villiers, the son of the owner of Avon Hall, from some of their famous roses.
Lizzie notices that Simon is drunk and obnoxious at the launch, especially to his cousin, Jemima Villiers.
Jemima, who is working at the event, was raised by her aunt and uncle at Avon Hall after her own parents died. As Lizzie leaves the party she sees Jemima get into a small red car, and thinks nothing of it – until pretty Jemima is found dead the next day.
Suddenly Lizzie is caught in the middle of a murder investigation.
Once prosperous, Avon Hall has hit hard times. Money is scarce, and family tensions are rife. When Jemima turns up dead, DCI Adam Maguire has his work cut out for him.
But Lizzie, who has grown jaded with the medical profession, has taken an interest in police work, and soon finds herself in the middle of the investigation, an investigation that will tear apart the Villiers’ family, and reveal secrets that will change the lives of everyone involved.

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