The Girl Who Heard Everything by Jack Lewis (ePUB, MOBI)

The Girl Who Heard Everything by Jack Lewis
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.12 MB

A lonely moor. A chilling wind. A terrible crime that they had to hide. They thought they were alone, but she heard everything.
Disgraced news presenter Emma Underhill goes back to her childhood village to recover from an eye operation. She had vowed never to go back there, and she knows that old enemies wait for her in the sleepy place, yearning for revenge for something she did early in her career. On the way there, her brother-in-law stops to meet a friend. Emma gets out of the car. With her eyes covered in bandages, all she can see is darkness. The countryside is a lonely place, and with Mark gone she feels alone.
And then she hears noises. A man and a woman are at the bottom of the hill. She hears the sound of a shovel hitting the earth, and then the couple’s voices as they talk about burying a body. She tries to back away, but they know she’s there. Someone is dead, and only Emma heard the killers’ voices. Then it hits her; they saw her. They know what she looks like. She realises that they could be anybody. The village becomes a sinister place, where every person she passes could be one of the murderers. Who are they? Who did they kill?
Nobody in the village believes her. As Emma tries to find out the truth, the killers make it clear they won’t leave her alone. They won’t rest until she leaves the village. If she stays, they’ll make sure she can never tell anyone.

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