The Spy Who Chipped The China Teacup by Angie Smith

The Spy Who Chipped The China Teacup by Angie Smith
English | 2017 | Spy Thriller | EPUB | 479 KB

An utterly gripping espionage thriller
Arms dealing. Murder. Corruption.
In Africa, Taylor Hudson reaches the stark realisation that she is in imminent danger.
Time is nearly up when, out of nowhere, she is thrown a lifeline. Left with little option, she places her trust in a complete stranger. But who is this stranger and why the interest in saving her?
The answers lie 6,000 miles away, deep inside the British Secret Intelligence Service, where a former, disgraced, senior officer is attempting to work his way back into the heart of the organisation. But what are his real intentions?
What ensues is a deadly game of bluff, double-bluff and triple-bluff.
Can The China Teacup survive this time?

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