The Woman From Prague by Rob Hart

The Woman From Prague by Rob Hart (Ash McKenna #4)
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB | 1.3 MB

Amateur private investigator Ash McKenna’s time is about to expire. On his visa, that is. He’s been in Prague for nearly three months, working for an apartment rental company, and it’s time to move on. As he contemplates his next stop, a man named Roman appears who claims to work for the US government, rattling off a list of Ash’s sins. Sins nobody should know. He offers to expunge records and protect Ash…in exchange for a favor.
It sounds simple enough: a handoff on the Charles Bridge where Ash will receive a thumb drive from a young woman named Samantha Sullivan. Ash refuses—so Roman threatens to kill his mother if he doesn’t comply. Reluctantly, he agrees to do it.
But as Ash tries to complete the mission, he discovers that the handoff is actually a hit. A person appears and attempts to kill Samantha. Ash gets between them, and ends up in a fight he barely survives. Turns out, the job is more complicated than Roman thought. Ash finds himself in a strange city, outmatched, and stuck inside a dangerous game where nothing and nobody is as they seem—including Samantha. With his mother’s life hanging in the balance, this amateur P.I. finds that his newest job is nothing he ever expected: amateur spy.

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