Voices of betrayal by Cora Clark

Voices of betrayal by Cora Clark
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 245 KB

Thinking the nightmare is finally over, Octavia is settling in back in England, now together with her old friend, Hayden. Life is just about perfect when she suddenly receives a letter in the mail.
It’s addressed to her, and it’s from her father.

Panicked, shocked, and scared, she hides the letter and refuses to acknowledge her father’s request for her to come back to Sweden to meet with him.
But when Hayden finds the letter and asks her about it, she realises this is just another part of her forgotten past she has to deal with. No matter the cost.

Together, they venture back to Sweden, but they could never have foreseen the horrors waiting for them there…

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