When Night Awakens by Ken Paiva

When Night Awakens by Ken Paiva
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB | 306 KB

Christmas Eve, the Ardennes Forest. The Battle of the Bulge is raging.
The tides of war are turning against Germany, and the Americans are pitted against a desperate enemy.
The small town of Eschdorf Luxembourg is currently under German control.
While the residents are gathered in the town hall, members of the SS pull them out for interrogation.
Andre Verhoeven is a town elder. He is also the uncle of Elise Lambert, a young woman about to give birth to her first child.
Concerned by what is happening, Andre believes it best to relocate to their family farmhouse, in the woods nearby.
They set out in the deep snow and freezing temperatures, avoiding German soldiers as American patrols infiltrate the woods.

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