You Belong To Me by Elizabeth McGregor

You Belong To Me by Elizabeth McGregor
English | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | EPUB, MOBI | 730 KB

An unhealthy obsession…with deadly consequences…
When Faith Collins discovers that she is pregnant shortly after her divorce, the news comes as a surprise. Desperate to start a new life and escape her heartbreak, Faith, an artist by profession, buys a rundown house on an island off the coast of Dorset.
And when Faith is approached by Cecily Joscelyne, a famous interior designer, to provide a set of paintings for a client, it seems that her life is finally getting back on track.
But Cecily, or Joz as she is known, is secretly battling her own demons: mentally abused by her stepfather, Randolf, and hopelessly besotted by her brother, Thomas, she is close to a complete breakdown.
Joz believes that if she can just find a retreat on the island that she and Thomas used to imagine as children, everything will be perfect.
But there is one thing standing in the way of her plan: Faith Collins.
For Faith’s house is the sanctuary Joz longs for – and one that she will do anything to get.
With Joz prepared to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants, will Faith escape unscathed?
A chilling tale of violent obsession, You Belong to Me is a riveting psychological thriller that explores the depths of the human psyche and the devastating consequences of one woman’s obsessive pursuit.

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